tree house #1

i arrived at the site of the first tree house for benshook studio… a few days ago.  it has been an incredible journey through the imagination, traversing the potential designs (given this particular configuration) for a tree house here:


i eventually arrived at a somewhat good point of departure, for phase one of this project, which will be a redwood platform with a railing, some rigging systems, a ladder, and happy little boy.  phase two will branch into some corporate offices for Nike executives.  that will occur near the end of the summer.  here’s the cheers we made YESTERDAY.


that’s my nephew, cadan.  we had a nice dinner up there on the first impromptu platform with the first pulley system.


and, by the end of today (day 2), we had come up with this:


a bad iphone photo.

near the end of the day, totally exhausted, and somewhat blissed out by the existentially difficult work of framing without any connection to the earth, i was about to begin that beautiful spiral into pride and self-adulation… when i realized i was building this very simple thing IN TREES, that is, in structures infinitely more complex and beautiful than anything i make… and i knew suddenly why [god rested on the seventh day] and why it is so silly for humans to make such a big deal out of things that are comparably insignificant… in another context.

that’s all i’ve got for today.

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