tree house #2

day one was a little rough until i had a helper arrive:


i would say the most challenging thing was getting the boards onto the the through-bolts i had prepared, by myself, and making them level.  when my trusty apprentice arrived, it all got a little easier, in a way.  we ended up having a pretty magical meal up there, delivered by our handy pully system.


you saw the progress after day two.  and we ended here today, after a solid 36 hours into this thing:


it was pretty amazing to see this come together, in a place where i’d played as a child, picking these:


and looking out over an ever maturing garden


my days as a son have been for the most part pretty wonderful.  i’m going to leave the blog today with thousands of words (stored as photos) and few words.


ciao for now.

One thought on “tree house #2

  1. Very nice. Well constructed and looks like it will co-exist with the trees for quite some time. Your apprentice will grow up with alot of fond memories surrounding his new fort.