just supposing

suppose the moon rose through aqueous atmosphere in her imminent orange splendor and potency; while you travel along among hillsides cut from 10,000 ft. high glaciers, remnants of the last ice age…

and suppose a choir sang on the mountain next to the rising moon, lilting to the accompaniment of a four piece string quartet, insane on the etherial mountain and playing the music that records ages, records you voyaging on and you see that you too are part of this music. 

and suppose that your horse is aware with the rest of the scene, spirited on by the music of the spheres, nostrils flare and flank flashes white as he wants more and more to do exactly that which you wish of him.

and suppose owl comes down from towering oak in the shoulder of the hillside, his wings gently fall to second measure of the choir, he comes to escort you and you see from underneath his frame lit by the moon, digesting field mice and a small rabbit, that he was built by a superior force, to see in darkness, and see into the darkness of yourself.

the grasses shift in gentle wind, and the tortured lineage of mind’s time (history) collapses into this infinite moment, where all is all, becoming and ending are not concerned with their old struggle.

suppose, now suppose.  arise!

the candle’s flame shutters and the bath water grows luke warm.  it is time now to AWAKE.

2 thoughts on “just supposing

  1. steve,

    i just found these comments on the website. thanks so much, friend. i want to talk to you more soon.