mallory house

i bought this house in august of 2006 and began the project by gutting it and tearing the roof off, eliminating the lawn by spreading cardboard everywhere and about eight inches of compost on top of that (now i am currently beginning landscaping). i reframed much of the lower floor and substantiating loadbearing walls to accomodate a new loft area, as well as new posts and beams to carry new load of spiral stair entry into the upper floor as well as bearing underneath staircase; concrete and steel. i built a new bathroom upstairs and simultaneously replumbed the whole house--out to the street, as well as rewired the house and brought in new service. rebuild of lower bathroom. all the tile came from a small factory in portland called pratt and larson, which makes some of the finest ceramic tile, hand glazed and finished. the wall surfaces upstairs are earthen plaster dyed with ceramic pigments, tile wainscott in the bath, and newspaper from 1946 (found under the old linolium existing in the loft before). the floor upstairs is recycled wool carpet tiles, as well as the stair treads. wall surfaces below are classical gypsum veneer, likewise pigmented with ceramic dye. the kitchen cabinets are salvaged from a home in the irvington neighborhood, classic retro steel, painted white, matching re-built 1950's appliances; the countertops are eucalyptus butcher block. all the doors are new solid fir built in classic rail and stile fashion with traditional 5/8" hardware bores. i built the staircase out of mild steel and finished it with gunblue; the rail is bent 5/8" steel dowell, times ten. all trim was salvaged and milled from existing ship lap cladding in the loft area upstairs. exterior: i painted the house in a three color scheme and put on a galvalum metal roof, 50 year warantee. a drystack stone retaining wall is in progress.

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