hallow’s eve eve move

daunted by the looks (height, girth, width, heft) of budget’s 24 foot rental truck, i opted for the 16 footer, with the idea of packing it very tightly. the 16 footer with insurance. table saw, work bench, about 700 board feet of walnut, then some books and other amenities, bed and blankets after which i tightly keyed in the 700 pound planer, band saw, jointer, drill press, drum sander, router table, mitre station, large boxes of hand tools and the other little details. a bicycle here, a painting there. until there was not even one cubic foot of room left. i didn’t get everything in, but i was happy with the essentials that did make their way into the unit, so i was willing to take a loss, considering the safety and ease of the smaller truck. a friend came over, with whom i was going to travel to seattle (the new destination and headquarters for bushido studios) and i showed her around the house and the property, we had some tea and talked and after a leisurely 45 minutes got into the truck (which smelled nice and new inside)… i introduced her to winston, my large stuffed puppet frog who travels with me on all important excursions… i started the truck, released the brake, depressed the gas pedal a little. nothing. a little more and there was a quaking sound and with a big vrooom, got it to budge up the hill a little but not without an aweful rubbing sound. i speculated that this might have something to do with the weight in the back of the truck. i got my headlamp (it was well into the night) and inspected the derriere of the truck. the leaf springs, as opposed to being in their upturned, smiley state were absolutely reversed and very frowning in semblance. so my entire shop, after six or seven hours of a very impressive tight pack job, moved about ten or twelve inched across my driveway before i unpacked the whole thing this morning. i’m glad i got the insurance. the gentleman at the rental headquarters told me the weight limit for that vehicle was/is 3,000 pounds. that seems laughable to me. what’s happening to this country?! so i’m off now to exchange this wimpy unit for the formerly daunting 24 foot older brother. i would have never imagined five years ago that i would need that kind of vehicle to move my possessions. so, as an aside, i am moving up to seattle to work on furntiure things there. i will certainly let you know how it goes as well as keep you informed per the current move. i made a small prayer to winston (the frog) this morning, asking that he protect me on my perilous travels and remain steadfast in his devotion to me and my interests. after the move i will divest him of all that a little and ask that he look over you.