achilles’ anger

the neighbor at my sister’s house just popped down to give us her recycled new york times. so i sat there reading in horror for nearly an hour. there were three articles in today’s front page section detailing some of the pleasant things happening in this country, because of this country, or because of the current administration more specifically… one is this new debt ceiling the house has just granted to old bush so that we don’t go into DEFAULT on our current debt/spending pattern. it doesn’t go into great detail about WHY the nation’s debt has so dramatically increased since bushman has taken office, but one can only assume that it is because of tax cuts to the rich and insane war spending, pocket padding of halliburton and brown and root and other amazing construction artists who know how to make a gourmet/designer military meal for more than $75 a pop. have you ever tried one of those mri’s? mmmmm. delicious. democratic senator of nevada, harry reid says this this morning: “I really do believe this man will go down as the worst president this country has ever had.” i can’t say i’m a big presidential history buff, but this statement seems to be a little understated; it seems one could say, “since Draco,” or “ever.” i know hitler and mao are considered “bad,” but we’re experiencing a governing regimen of similar ilk, probably with lower intelligence. so the new approval of raising the ceiling of debt has a $9 trillion label. this is an increase of ONE THIRD since bush took office. that is taking into account great economic bursts (under democratic administrations), previous wars, emergenncy relief, third world aid, etc. FOR THE PAST HISTORY OF THIS COUNTRY. americans should be MAD. what the hell is happening here? no one agrees with this behavior, the voting process is shot, the media is widely lazy… it is supposed to be us with the power, the people of the voice, the voice of the people. peace rallies are not working. global warming is occurring (despite the fact that bush doesn’t “believe” in it), we are taking money from every little one experiencing natural disaster (caused by global warming, caused by current policy, subsidies for suv’s, poor, unsustainable agricultural technique, coal mining, heavy metal depositing in fresh water sanctuaries…) and re-distributing it to CONTRACTORS… so that some guys are making a million bucks. a million bucks! this i think shows the thoughtlessness of evil. no one truly wants to be left standing on a black pile of bones and misery, with a hummer and nice wrist watch. so, in the beginning of the iliad, achilles is not involved with the march, mad that agamemnon took briseas from him… sitting there in his nice velvety tent playing his luthe. i like the image. but he’s quietly outraged, trying to cope with the monster that is his country’s leader. and there is a time when he can no longer enjoy this quietude (message from the gods, from mom) … the time when he must STRIKE. so i don’t mean anything too violent like assassination or anything that would get us in deep trouble, it’s just time to get him the fuck out of office.