i’m in new york city at the moment. (it is so wonderful to see the fruits of so many living amongst one another, and the vast extremes they comprise coming together in [some kind of] harmonious fashion.) i went to the guggenheim museum today, on 89th (?)–there’s an exhibit on right now of david smith… i didn’t read too much about him, but i think he comes from indiana, and spent some other time studying in the midwest. he is best known for both very small as well as large abstract metal (steel mostly) sculpture made mostly of recycled looking materials. the apparent simplicity of his work, the materials, techniques of execution, finishes, find an exquisite balance in the sculptures and allow for a true and rapid expression. one gets the sense of cultivation and extreme dilligence and hard work AT THE SAME TIME AS a sense of awkwardness and a mind foreign to highly finished works. it is all very hand made, though in large quantity and sometimes size. i was very inspired to return to some metal working and experimentation. (more on this soon.)