yeah, what is “home?!” it’s definately not defined by stuff, but may have something to do with organization of objects as well as intent behind this organization AS WELL AS human presence. so i’m a little displaced, ready to experience even more of this feeling of travel, comfort in my body and that alone, wherever it is in the world. i’m back in seattle, spring is excellent here. this morning i woke up and, after i did some stuff, read an excellent piece of fiction in the latest new yorker: “the last days of muhammad atta.” read it. very good. then i sanded a large thick slab of walnut for several hours until hungry and tired and came here (to internet cafĂ©) to eat and read and do some pricing on punching holes in steel. (latter: not interesting) i am also, once again, horrified at the state of affairs in the world. i read an article by seymour hersh printed in the new yorker several weeks ago (mid-late april issue) about u.s. presence in iran and possible intention of INVADING. bush, not only NOT remorseful and timid because of his poor reputation all over the world is gangbusters like a cockeyed delusioned self-spoken messiah. unless someone beats sense into him and his administration, he is going to sally into iran next to spew his fascist versions of democracy, taking out all these possible uranium enrichment plants by air and probably killing thousands of civilians and inadvertently turning the whole middle east EVEN MORE AGAINST US. (i was recently in montreal, speaking french with a woman at a museum and she asked if i was from france. “no,” i said, “i’m american.” … “oh!” she said, “well, you’re not stupd!”) that’s about right, huh? AND, not a totally unrelated issue: the cost of petrolium is going up rapidly. guesses are $4 a gallon by the end of summer and more than twice that figure by the end of summer next year. rudolf diesel invented the “diesel” engine and patented it in 1898. it was meant to run off of vegetable oil, coal dust suspended in water, as well as other stuff, also sustainable and readily found. he disappeared in 1913 on an overnight crossing of the english channel. probably assassinated… of course, by people like bush who don’t understand human integrity, social thinking, and compassion for the human race. what a fucking invention! and why has it never come to a fruitful mass production? well, i’m sure for lots of reasons … and it would be idealistic and naive to say, “because of people like bush” again. but i want to say it anyway because i’m pissed off: because of people like bush. no, really i don’t actually know that much about george bush. i mean he DOES seem stupid (especially when speaking), but i have to admit that i follow the masses a little there, in hating him, and, having never been extremely political, don’t have an incredible basis for comparing him to other presidents. (i didn’t much care for the cut of kerrey’s jib either.) but i do know that it’s titanically ignorant to invade iran right now, as well as ignore efforts to create an develop the widespread propogation of a sustainable fuel to begin bringing attention to our terrible addiction to all that compressed dinosaur and vegetable matter that WILL run out in the next 15-22 years. let’s have another period of honoring the spirit of american industriousness. invention. and so on.