i continue to maintain that concrete is one of the modern era’s greatest miracles. i can’t actually think of anything more miraculous, except perhaps for soap. … yesterday was “concrete day” out at the project my friend matt is working on: it was the slab pour over radiant heat and utility stubs. the team was working quickly in the sun and finishing continuously without control joints, etc. the property has no water as of yet, so we had to go get a large agricultural water container and travel back and forth from a neighbor’s farm to fill as needed. the water was to spray on the slab so as to prevent the top from cooling faster in the sun, losing moisture more quickly than the rest of the lower material and thereby cracking horribly. it was a somewhat stressful predicament, but not so much for me… i just sort of observed the stress of the others. so that came off allright and we proceeded to delight in the no holds barred attitude of concrete day. there was a naked photo shoot as well as dionysian revelry, ending in hilarity and probably not greatly appropriate driving technique. in great spirits i send you all my best and hope that every one of us gets our concrete day.