i recently watched this film online (provided by google video) about 911


it is a fairly astonishing look at facts about the terrible series of events that day that casts an eerie light upon our administration.  the brunt of the film is so over the top that i fear it will not lead to any material further investigation… partly because the authorities that would be responsible for such an audit are probably culpable and involved in the very investigation.  on its side, though, the film makes you think about how that could possibly have happened and shows on its way how quickly the media paves over a course of events with subsidiary (not collateral) information, i.e. JUST WHO was at the root of the attacks.  osama.  yet the film shows how osama had been visited not even one week prior to the attacks, sick in the hospital, by a CIA agent.  ???

i just wanted to mention the film and urge you to watch it.