i recently inflicted upon myself a very odd injury: a broken extensor tendon. this is the tendon that connects the bones on the back of the fingers, which allows them to extend and re-extend. it makes typing at the computer difficult because i have to wear this funny little cast on my right middle finger… for six weeks or perhaps more. the only way really to treat this injury is with this little flesh colored splint thing that holds the finger in extension and, over the course of several weeks, the tendons re-attach to the bone. if very many of these little miracles of our bodies were to fail, we would be completely deformed. i think i’ll refrain from describing the embarrassing circumstances of this mishap. i was upset to say the least, though, to find that modern medicine offers only one kind of splint for this injury: a little pink plastic abomination. it cost $7.50 from the doctor’s office. i looked all over the internet for an alternative to this, something a little more elegant, made from stainless steel or titanium or SOMETHING. i searched speacialty prosthetic businesses, all kinds of medical catalogs, etc. i am surprised (given the commonality of this injury) that someone is not manufacturing something a little more aesthetically and physically pleasing. one is going to live with this fabrication on one’s body for 6-8 weeks; it should be of a little higher caliber. so i’m looking into manufacturing one of these little guys. cast titanium i think. i’ve heard too that titanium has a calming effect on the body when in close contact with skin. let’s step it up here.


i know i just took an exceptional break from duty there. excuse me. i’ve received enough comments to carry on with this. so; so. i hope the holidays went off without a hitch. i had a time of deep growth and feel very rejuvinated now. the house project is basically done. i’ve been doing final touching up and moving in and the whole website will be updated shortly. in so doing, i’m returning again to study and interiority. books out, yoga mat out. i just shaved all the hair on my body with a number two shaver. i feel like a chia pet… but also very tuned and bristled… ready.

i’m back in the studio full bore and have about two months of work to get level. so i’ll keep you all posted as to new items and updates. thanks for visiting over and over. more very soon.