chance and necessity are strange bedpartners…
and the universe has its ways, whether you like it or not; whether or not you believe in people bending spoons, or yogis levitating… there are phenomena beyond the scope of socially accepted occurance.
say for instance: a kid likes the numbers of his own birthday, plus the birthday of his favorite martyr/religious leader, and he uses them for all his access codes and places bets with them, etc. and then great good or great ill comes from one of these accounts. is that luck, or empirically verifiable cause?
what i mean to say is that if you begin knocking on doors, they will open, whether or not this metaphorical knocking is done with words or not.
lately i have been tested by some of these mysterious forces… tested because i rehearsed in my mind some of these scenarios that came to pass recently in the “real world.” i know this sounds weird, and i can’t go too greatly into detail for fear that you will abandon me for a crystal worshiping …
take, for instance, the story of job. his trial continued because he continued to think, “god would not do this to me; i am good, i am upright in his eyes,” and so blight rained down upon him. because by those words, you want a test… you want to know if you can go through the storm of misfortune and still trust and believe.
so i am taking these small tests with peace and trusting that they resemble the story of the russian farmer whose horse breaks its leg.