I just finished this little building for my folks.  It’s primary use is to store a commercial grade snow blower, and secondary uses are to be beautiful and store nice garden tools.


I got the windows from a salvage building outfit in Spokane called “Brown’s Building Supply.”


The roof layout is a bit Japanese in its inspiration.  The whole thing is cantilevered and born only on the two side walls.  I also used a prow layout for the front and back of the roof, such that it resembles the prow of a ship, farther off the building at the peak than at the wall.


The building is sheeted on both sides (which makes it very strong: a torsion box once again), and then sided with clear cedar.


I poured very hefty footings (about 800 lbs each), and used a kind of grade beam out of wood with PT lumber going down beneath into the gravel.  The gravel floor was designed so that when the snow blower is put away the snow can melt and go right into the floor.


All the roof soffits on the exterior are cedar, and visible roof on the interior is 3/4 ply.  Shed is roughly 8 X 12.

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