communication and what you want

i’m realizing slowly the importance of good communication. example: yesterday i was standing in line in a cafĂ©, talking to the gentleman in front of me. he was holding forth about his irritation with the bureaucracy of large corporations and how annoying it is to be inside of an electronic telephone labyrinth when really you just want a human voice to help you; as he was speaking he stepped back a litte bit and put a large portion of his weight on my foot. at first i was “nice” and didn’t say anything… then it became painful and i couldn’t really concentrate on what he was saying any more, so i said, “sir, i believe you are standing on my foot.” he immediately removed himself from my personal space and apologized as well. it was surprisingly easy. similarly, i was shopping for a faucet fixture to go into a remodelling project i’m working on: i was astonished at how much these fairly nice faucets were going for (the ones we wanted were in the $1,000 range)… so i joked with the saleswoman about the inordinance of these prices and she explained that there were cheaper fixtures available but that they would leak when installed. to me, this was as ridiculous as the price of the faucets. so i asked her if she didn’t have anything that had been dropped or run over and perhaps i could buy that to put it in my client’s kitchen. then a lightbulb lit in her head and she said, “actually i have one of these grohe faucets in the store room that is on clearance.” so, to make this short, i got a thousand dollar faucet for two hundred bucks. again, how incredible the facility of language! i know it can do many other things as well besides satisfying simple appetites, but i’m a slow learner.

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