In November of last year I went to the Antarctic Peninsula via Ushuaia with my very good buddy Gabe Rogel, who does amazing adventure photography.  Look him up here.  We went down with polar operator, One Ocean Expeditions, who, for this trip, wanted to explore a ski-mountaineering option on their cruise of the very mountainous Peninsula.  Because I am writing an editorial about this trip, to be published imminently in a national magazine, I am going to keep the verbiage to a minimum and share a few highlights in image form, Gabe’s photos:

The ship still moored in Ushuaia, Argentina.

A shot of yours truly, on our best weather day… this one was actually just printed in the April edition of Outside magazine, in the Exposure section.

The most rad day of skiing… a pretty nifty, kind of steep couloir.

Speaks for itself.

This unspeakable magnitude everywhere, a labyrinth of beauty.

I also brought my kite and did some wind meditation in the [very] cold water down there… but very excellent winds coming off the South Pole.    In a dry suit.

A few more awesome shots by Gabe:

Up in the crows nest.






And this one by our friend Tad Boniecki: a 3,000 meter peak down there:

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